The proposals

The site is located on the corner of St George’s Road and Francis Grove, in Wimbledon town centre. The site is currently a four storey office building.

The site benefits from excellent public transport links; the location has a TfL PTAL rating of 6b, the highest possible. It is close to Wimbledon train station with access to tube, tram and rail services as well as being close to many bus services.

It is next door to Prospect House on St George’s Road, a four storey office building  and 22 Worple Road, which is currently being redeveloped into a five storey office building. Beyond Prospect House is a vacant and overgrown plot.

The site is an underutilised employment site in Wimbledon town centre and has significant opportunity to be improved and contribute further to the local economy. Its highly accessible location and proximity to the train station makes it perfect for new, high quality offices. 

The proposals

The plans are for the redevelopment of the office building at 1-4 Francis Grove to provide new, much needed, high quality office space for Wimbledon. 

The current building is outdated and unfit for purpose; the proposed building has been specifically designed to respond to its local context and Wimbledon town centre and will have high sustainability credentials.  The proposed widened pavement will also enable new planting at street level.

Key benefits of the proposals:

Increase in the amount of floorspace, providing new, modern and improved Grade A offices for businesses in Wimbledon thus helping to increase employment in the borough.

The new building will be much more environmentally sustainable, helping to minimise carbon emissions and contributing to improved air quality in Wimbledon.

Considerable improvements to the pavement, including new landscaping and widening of the pavement to create a better area for the public to enjoy.

The proposed unique design will replace a building that does not positively contribute to the local area and its character and will help kickstart the regeneration of this part of the town centre.

Sustainable, quality design

The building has been designed to complement the existing local architecture, using appropriate brick and glazed ceramic materials.

The ground floor has been designed to maximise and improve the area of publicly accesible pedestrian space. The balustrades from the previous building will go and new trees will be planted, creating a pleasant, open environment for all to enjoy.

We are very keen to ensure the new building is environmentally sustainable. As such responsible sourcing of environmentally sustainable materials will be prioritised, supporting local suppliers and trades where possible.

Key environmental improvements:

Green and blue roofs, to improve biodiversity and water attenuation.

The scheme is aspiring for the building to be rated as BREEAM excellent.

Efficient air source heat pumps to generate renewable energy.

Improved fabric performance and insulation reducing the risk of overheating, thus reducing energy demands in operation.

Smart lighting and control systems to help reduce energy usage by utilising natural light.

Considerable improvements to the pavement including new landscaping.

Our plans for construction

We understand that one of the greatest concerns neighbours can have about a new development is the potential disruption caused by construction works.

Should the application be approved the construction period is planned to be approximately 2 years.

A Construction Management Plan will be agreed with Merton Council to minimise any impact or disruption.

Deliveries and collections will be scheduled to avoid coinciding with residential waste collections or morning and evening rush hour traffic.

Site workers will be prohibited from parking on or around the site.

24 hour security to keep everyone safe.


Exhibition Boards

You can see the full exhibition boards here.

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